About Me

I’m a Behavioural Economist and a published Economics Rethinker. I began working in the field when the ‘standard’ economic model failed to predict or explain the Global Economic Crisis of 2008.

My focus is now on behaviour change: I create and deliver bespoke presentations, workshops and training for public and private sector clients, which show how applications and interventions based on behavioural economics can produce better outcomes in business, policy and personal settings.

University lecturing

I was formerly Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Brighton Business School and Visiting Lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. My interactive workshops on behavioural economics engaged postgraduates from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines – Public Health experts, Commissioners, GPs, medics, MBAs and MSc Marketing students. I have also lectured on economics and politics at the Open University and what is now London Metropolitan University.

Analysing, advising and consulting in the public and private sectors

Before becoming an economics lecturer I was an analyst, consultant, author and presenter on the economics, strategy, policy and regulation of global telecoms networks and services. I have carried out assignments throughout Europe, North and South America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region in the following senior roles:

  • Senior Telecom Expert: consultant, analyst and author for the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, analysing, writing and speaking on ICTs, regulation and climate change.
  • Principal Consultant/Principal Analyst at Europe’s largest independent Telecoms, Media and Technology advisory firm, Ovum Ltd (now part of the Informa Group): analysing, advising, presenting, writing and consulting on international telecoms markets, strategy, regulation and public policy + Ovum’s Thought Leader on ICTs and climate change.
  • Managing the team covering public policy, public affairs and EU regulatory functions at Europe’s first full-service challenger fixed line telecoms company, Mercury Communications Ltd.

Before switching to telecoms, my network industry experience was in the energy sector: I managed research and communications at the statutory Electricity Consumers’ Council where I produced original analysis and commissioned external research on the economics and policy of effective consumer protection in a privatised electricity industry. I also made media appearances and ran public events. I subsequently worked on regulatory issues at London Electricity in the run-up to privatisation.

Presenting, training and lecturing

I have spoken at, or chaired, more than 70 national and international conferences. I have led, or spoken at, over 70 workshops and customer briefings for international corporate and public sector clients, up to and including board level/the C-suite. I have also created and delivered hundreds of lectures and seminars.

Analysing, publishing and consulting

I have been published in over 60 books and reports, chapters in books and reports, and press and journal articles. Additionally, I have directed, managed or been a subject expert on over 20 bespoke consultancy studies for clients including major corporations, governments and regulators.

Qualifications and accreditations