Pedestrians First

I’m a former chair, and ongoing member, of Brighton & Hove Living Streets Group, the national charity which works with its supporters to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets where people want to walk. The research supporting pedestrian-friendly towns and cities is overwhelming – for increased health and well-being, a safer and more human environment, lower pollution, and stronger performance from the local economy. 

Formerly known as the Pedestrian’s Association, Living Streets has been the national voice for pedestrians for over 80 years, with campaigns which have led to the introduction of the driving test, pedestrian crossings and 30mph speed limits.

Some activities by me and by B&H Living Streets Group include:

  • Pedestrian advocacy, as member of Brighton & Hove City Council Transport Partnership, ongoing
  • Consultations on Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)
  • Stakeholder workshops & consultations: Valley Gardens Phase 1, 2 & 3; Wish and Westbourne Mini Holland
  • Article in Brighton & Hove Independent, January 2015, Our Goal is to Make Brighton & Hove a Walkable City                                     
  • Presentation: Hove Civic Society, April 2014
  • Article in Brighton & Hove Independent, December 2013
  • Submission: Evidence to Public Inquiry into Brighton Old Town proposals, July 2013
  • Presentation: Challenging the Myths About The 20mph Speed Limit. Talk to Hove Business Association, May 2013
  • Findings: Workshop on Making Brighton & Hove Walkable, 2012
  • Presentation: Making Brighton & Hove A Walkable City, 2011
  • Overview: A Vision For Our Streets: Hustings Meeting for Brighton & Hove Parliamentary Candidates, 2010
  • Presentation: Public Meeting on Air Quality and Transport, 2011
  • Evidence: Brighton & Hove City Council, Scrutiny Panel on 20mph Speed Limit, 2010